Today's Menu for the Emiya Family, Volume 1


TYPE-MOON's Fate/ series is renowned for its unique take on the fantasy genre. But in Today's Menu for the Emiya Family, instead of experiencing the fantasy and lore of Fate/, we are invited into the Emiya family home to dine with Shiro, Saber, Rin, Taiga and more.

So enough talking (and fighting)―Emiya, what's for dinner?!

Each chapter is followed by an actual recipe from food consultant Makoto Tadano.

Translated by:
Ko Ransom

Lettered by:
Nicole Dochych

What the Press says about Type-Moon:
“At long last, the Fate franchise has achieved its ultimate form with a show that's literally just all the cooking parts of the original visual novel.”―Anime News Network

Isbn 978-1634429368
Pages 160