The Girl with the Sanpaku Eyes, Volume 2 Cover Image

The Girl with the Sanpaku Eyes, Volume 2

Amane is ready to take her shot at love, but to do so she will have to be a star in Katou's eyes. So how best to accomplish that then to be the lead in the annual cultural festival's class play! Will Amane overcome her shyness to shine on stage and in Katou's world?

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About the Author

Up-an-coming comic artist Shunsuke Sorato is best known for their work on THE GIRL WITH THE SANPAKU EYES. Originally a webcomic on twitter, the series would eventually be picked up by SquareEnix's pixiv service and then released in print. Sorato has previously worked with Kadokawa drawing mostly shorts revolving around high school romances and unrequited love. Their most recent series NATSUME AND NATSUME is being published by MicroMagazine.
Page Count
133 pages
Release Date
David Goldberg
Glen Isip