The Girl with the Sanpaku Eyes, Volume 1

By Shunsuke Sorato

Meet Amane Mizuno a girl with fierce sanpaku eyes and a pure heart! She has recently fallen for a boy named Katou, who has the exact opposite attitude! Will the tender-hearted Amane ever tell him how she feels?!

Author Bio:
Shunsuke Sorato is an established web comic author with a tremendous internet following. Throughout their three series career, Sorato has focused on the romantic lives of high schoolers, quite often with pink hairdos. The Girl with the Sanpaku Eyes was originally serialized on Twitter and Pixiv to great fanfare, before being serialized by SquareEnix.

Translated by:
David Goldberg

Lettered by:
Glen Isip

Series Sanpaku Eyes
ISBN 9781634429580
Pages 128
Release Date 2020-08-25


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