Heavenly Delusion, Volume 4 Cover Image

Heavenly Delusion, Volume 4

Upon meeting with a cult known as the Liviumen, Kiruko and Maru are tasked to dispose of some man-eaters. Their project would lead them to the people behind the organization known as the Immortal Order. With conflicting ideologies fighting for their services and rare working machinery in the heart of Tokyo, the two must decide whether or not to continue on their quest or to settle down with "civilization".

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About the Author

Masakazu Ishiguro was born in Fukui Prefecture in 1977. An multiple award winning artist, he broke though in 200 when we was presented with the Afternoon Four Seasons Award for his work on the short "HERO". While he broke through within the sci-fi genre, Ishiguro is possibly best known for his comedies; particularly the Japan Media Arts Award winning AND YES THE TOWN MOVES (Shonen Gahosha). Whimsical, stylish, and often surreal, Ishiguro's works are often put into their own genre - SF (Slightly Fantastical).

Page Count
197 pages
Release Date
Ko Ransom
Brandon Bovia