Pleasure & Corruption, Volume 1 Cover Image

Pleasure & Corruption, Volume 1

Broken souls achieving satisfaction through their corruption.

Overwhelmed by societal pressures at home and at school, Zen turns to upskirting as a means of rebellion and control. But once he is caught in the act by the student body VP, he is soon taught that control is a two-way street and bondage is more psychological than he ever imagined.

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About the Author

A lifelong illustrator, You Someya comes from a family of comic artists. Their manga debut was accelerated after one of her sisters was published by an indie manga house. Someya's SquareEnix debut may be a bit on the challenging side, given its subject matter, but it appeared to find a greater international audience introducing English readers to bondage manga.
Page Count
192 pages
Release Date
Brandon Bovia