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Maiden Railways

All aboard! This book is your ticket to seven romances―from confessions in Iriuda to proposals in Enoshima and all points in between.

Beloved josei and boys love mangaka Asumiko Nakamura returns to the English market with a unique collection of romance shorts each set around Kanagawa's railway system, the Odakyu. Combining moments of contemporary women, lesbian romances and coming-of-age tales, Maiden Railways is a ride to romance rarely seen in manga these days.

What the Press has to Say about Asumiko Nakamura:
"Just as Haruki Murakami masks deeper examinations of culture and identity in his novels, so too does Nakamura." - Seth Hahne, Good Ok Bad

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About the Author

Asumiko Nakamura (1979-) has quietly become a star of Japan's women's comic scene. The artist has penned nearly twenty titles since 2000 and has reached critical acclaim for her sensitive portrayals of romantic narratives featuring a wide range of characters within an equally broad range of genres. In 2016, her best-known work Doukyuusei -Classmates- was adapted into an animated film released in the US by Aniplex.
Page Count
218 pages
Release Date
Jocelyne Allen
Nicole Dochych