Heavenly Delusion, Volume 2

After heading south to investigate the place known as Tomato Heaven, Maru and Kiruko head back to Tokyo via a "ferry." But they are ambushed at sea by one of the man-eating Hiruko monsters. This specific beast is amphibious, making him extremely deadly as he can easily take cover in the sea. Meanwhile in the school, Tokio, with the help of his classmate Kuku, uncovers a frightening secret. Maybe life is not what it seems at all. Maybe those who are inside the walls are not in heaven. And maybe the walls are there to keep them all inside!

Author Bio:

Born in Fukui, Japan in 1977, Masakazu Ishiguro is an award-winning comic artist who made his debut in 2000 with the Afternoon Magazine Four Seasons Award winning short "HERO". While Ishiguro initially cut his teeth within the science-fiction realm he is possibly best known for his comedies; particularly the Japan Media Arts Award winning And Yet the Town Moves (Shonen Gahosha). Whimsical, stylish and often surreal, Ishiguro's works are often put into their own SF genre (slightly fantastical).

Selected as the Best Manga of 2018 by the Kono Manga ga Sugoi Committee.

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Page Count
192 pages
Release Date
Ko Ransom
Brandon Bovia