Inside Mari, Volume 7 Cover Image

Inside Mari, Volume 7

After scouring town looking for Yori, Mari is reunited with her lone friend. But now the two have to turn their attention on finding out what actually happened to Mari.

A torn photo and a trip to Tokyo Dome City reveal some deep-rooted secrets. But is anyone really prepared to face the past again?

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About the Author

Shuzo Oshimi is the best-selling author behind works such as FLOWERS OF EVIL and HAPPINESS. His works mix in the struggles of youth along with modern fantasy themes. Oshimi is the winner of the 2002 Chiba Tetsuya Award for New Best New Manga Artist. Since then he has penned a dozen series including the New York Times Best-Selling Flowers of Evil and the cult hit INSIDE MARI.
Page Count
192 pages
Release Date
Sheldon Drzka, Denpa
Manuel Chavez